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Real estate management is higly complex. In order to streamline this task, Iberinve handles investment on behalf of our clients, ensuring managment of all the financial, administrative and technical aspects that may derive.

- Finding and purchasing property.
- Market and viability studies including technical, legal, fisical and financial support.
- Control and development of architecture projects.
- Requesting, providing follow-up measures, and obtaining licenses.
- Developming the competitive bid process among construction companies from beginning to final       project award.
- Technical and economic follow-up until project is completed and received.
- Marketing projects developed.
- Administartion, maintenance and management of buildings for rent or for future rent.
- Financial control and management.

-Iberinve offers these services with the spirit of co-operation that constitutes the base of its success.

Our organisation has managed an d developed operations for other investors in excess of 25.000 million pesetas.

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